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Alhamdulillah, thanks to the generous support of the community who pre-ordered The Simple Seerah, the book has been utillised by Muslim youth groups, schools and books clubs to teach the Seerah!

We’ve also been able to distribute free copies of the books to Dawah groups, who have offered them to non-Muslims as a resource to help them learn more about Islam.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of individuals like yourself who ordered hundreds of books as gifts, we’ve also been able to gift The Simple Seerah to reverts, to help them with their journey and as a simple kind gesture from their fellow brothers and sisters. 

We’ve been moved by the messages we’ve received of people who have accepted Islam, inspired by the writings of The Simple Seerah and others who have used it as a family bonding tool. 

We pray that Allah (swt) rewards everyone who has gifted a book for reverts, dawah and Muslim students by making them a neighbour of the Prophet (pbuh) in Jannah, Ameen!