Audiobook Competition

The Simple Seerah has proven to be extremely popular, selling out on Amazon just days after it went live. Thousands of people around the world have read it and come closer to the Prophet ﷺ  as a result of its captivating style. The language used throughout the book is one that many readers have found easy to read and engage with.

To help take this work even further and bring more people closer to the life of the Prophet, his companions and the legacy they left behind for the Muslim Ummah, we would like to release an audio version of the book.

We are looking for a true story teller, someone who can narrate The Simple Seerah in a manner which will captivate the reader and bring the words on the pages to life.

We will be adding special effects and background sounds to enhance the whole reading and anticipate the audio book to be popular with Muslims of all ages. With this in mind, we would advise anyone entering this competition to not read in a tone which is specifically targeted towards young children.

To enter the competition, please submit an unedited read of the text available on this page, whilst adhering to the guidelines mentioned below.

  1. Avoid creating a character voice when reading out quotes of the Prophet ﷺ
  2. Arabic words/names should be said with their correct Arabic pronunciations
  3. Please record your entry sample in a quiet room where there is no background noise
  4. Depending on the sensitivity of your microphone, you should try to keep your mouth at least 10cm away from your microphone.
  5. You do not need to rush the read, please read at a pace which is comfortable to you. Remember the intention of this is that you are reading to others.
  6. Please review your work before submitting it, ensuring that you are happy with it
  7. If you do not have access to professional quality audio recording equipment, should you be selected for the voice over roll, you will need to be able to travel to our recording studio, which will most likely be in London.

Once you have finished recording your entry for the competition, please upload your file here: click here to upload audition entry.

Once we have received your entry, it will be reviewed by our judges who will produce a shortlist. If you’re chosen we may ask for a further recording. We will share the audio-recordings submitted by the participants who make it to the shortlist and hold a public vote. The public vote, along with the decision of the internal judges will decide who wins the competition.

The competition closes on 20th January 2022.


The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to narrate The Simple Seerah – Part One, they will also receive a generous financial payment for their time and services. If the winner is unable to produce the work according to our guidelines, the financial payment will be withdrawn and the role of narrator will be handed to someone else at the discretion of the judges.